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Retracing the boundaries of the past and helping to build the future.

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E.C. Metzger & Associates, Inc. strives for accuracy, integrity, and trust in our service to our customers, our obligation to the people of the State of Ohio, and the interaction with our peers. 

Company History

Edward C. Metzger began his surveying career with Shisler and Associates in Canton, Ohio in 1979.  In 1987, he obtained his registration as an Ohio Professional Surveyor.  He returned to work for Shisler and Associates in 1993 and purchased the company and its records from Howard P. Shisler, P.E. P.S..  The company was renamed E.C. Metzger & Associates, Incorporated in 1999. Ed’s son Joel has been with E.C. Metzger & Associates, Inc. since 2002.

Edward C. Metzger, P.S. #7090

Edward Metzger is the President of E.C. Metzger & Associates, Incorporated.  His formal surveying education was obtained from Stark Technical Institute.  He has been an Ohio Professional Surveyor since 1987.  Over the length of his surveying career, he has worked in both the public and private sectors of the profession.  He is an active member of the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio in the Tuscarawas Valley Chapter.

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Joel D. Metzger, P.S. #8432

Joel Metzger has worked for E.C. Metzger & Associates since 2002.  He has his B.S. in Surveying and Mapping from The University of Akron.  He is also an active member of PLSO in the Tuscarawas Valley Chapter.  Joel obtained his registration as an Ohio Professional Surveyor in January of 2009.

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Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey or boundary retracement survey is performed when a client needs to know where the title boundaries of his or her land are.  To perform a boundary survey, the surveyor first researches the client's property and obtains documents such as deeds, plats, road records, previous surveys, etc.  The surveyor then uses these documents to make a search for monuments (also known as pins, stakes or markers) on the property to be surveyed and the adjoining properties.  After this search, the surveyor will measure angles and distances using precision equipment to establish the positions of the found monuments.  The surveyor then uses this information to make his or her decision on where the boundaries were originally established when the property boundary was created.  At any corner that did not have a monument, the surveyor sets one to mark the position of that corner. A map is then drawn and issued to the client to show what the surveyor found, measured, set, and used for the boundary.  The State of Ohio has Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys (O.A.C. 4733-37) that all boundary surveys must meet.  Boundary surveys are sometimes called pin surveys, corner surveys, or lot surveys. 

A Note About Boundary Disputes:

A disputed boundary can create a difficult situation for everyone involved.  Often, a boundary survey performed by an impartial Professional Surveyor can help to resolve conflicts between landowners.  E.C. Metzger & Associates has the experience necessary to objectively retrace disputed boundaries.  With E.C. Metzger & Associates, an experienced Professional Surveyor is always on-site during field work (finding corners, making measurements, and setting corners).  This surveyor oversees every aspect of the survey, and is also available for consultation. 

Minor and Major Subdivisions/ Consolidations

A subdivison is performed when a client needs to create one or more parcels from a larger parcel of land.  A consolidation is

performed when a client needs to take more than one existing parcel or portions of existing parcels and convey them as one parcel.  Each of these services require a preliminary boundary survey be performed to establish the boundaries of what is to be divided or combined.

In the State of Ohio, a major subdivision is when more than five parcels are created, the area of the new parcels is less than five acres, and/or a new street is being created or an existing street is being extended.  A major subdivision requires that a preliminary plat and a final plat be drawn of the subdivision and also requires several local governmental approvals.  Major subdivisions also usually require joint efforts from surveyors and civil engineers to create the necessary documents and plans.

A minor subdivision, also referred to as a "lot split", requires that a survey be performed of the new boundaries to be created, and a map be drawn and legal description be written for each new parcel, which the client can take to his or her lawyer or title company to create a deed to convey title.

Consolidations require a survey of the parcels or parts of parcels to be described with a map and legal description of the newly created parcel, which the client can take to his or her attorney or title company to create a deed to convey title.


A replat is sometimes required when a client wants to create new boundary lines within a municipal area or a platted subdivision.  A survey of the new boundaries is made and a map is drawn for the municipal area or local government to approve and record in the County Recorder's Office.

Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey to show man-made and natural features of a parcel of land is made for design purposes, certification
that a building site is out of a FEMA flood zone, or for other building site permit approvals.  A map of existing and often proposed features is drawn and issued to the client.

Mortgage Location Inspections (MLI's)

This service is also referred to as a Mortgage Location Survey.  An MLI is performed for a mortgage lending institution and/or a title insurance provider for the sole purpose of affirming that the major improvement or improvements exist upon the property to be mortgaged.  Measurements are made in the field and a map of the major improvements is drawn based on the deed given by the client.  The State of Ohio has Minimum Standards for Mortgage Location Surveys (O.A.C. 4733-38) that all Mortgage Location Surveys must meet.  MLI's are not boundary surveys and should not be used for boundary location or new construction.

Other Services

  • Construction Staking

  • Construction As-builts

  • Foundation Staking

  • Lot Improvement Plan Drawings

  • Site Plans

  • As-built Measurements for New Construction Planning

  • FEMA Elevation Certificates

  • ELOMA and Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA) Applications

  • Zoning District Change & Zoning Variance Request Support

  • E.C. Metzger & Associates, Inc. also works in conjunction with design professionals such as engineers and architects to provide data necessary for design

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Our office is located on Fulton Rd. in Canton. Please call to schedule an appointment if you would like to meet with us there.

P.O. Box 357, Middlebranch, OH 44652


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